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  Our Philosophy


We genuinely care for each and every one of our guests.

Lotus Yoga Retreats have become renowned as a ‘home from home’ for international yoga seekers and travellers. We cater for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with attention to detail, great food, impeccable service and a high standard of yoga teaching.

We aim to support you in winding down and stocking up. Our retreats are ideal for yoga junkies, as well as those new to the practice. We believe anyone and everyone can do yoga.

At our Ibiza site we focus on tailored retreats with particular teachers, detoxing and yoga, health and fertility boosting retreats, yoga and creativity retreats and of course the increasingly popular HolyMama retreats.

On each retreat we see nutrition as an intrinsic part of your experience. The food is vegetarian, predominantly alkaline and prepared with love by our incredible natural foods chef, Maili. With retreats focused on detoxing, we support you to cleanse and repair. We take an empowered, holistic approach. Rather than bullying you into eliminating the ‘bad foods’ we aim to show you how vibrant you feel when you’re consuming nutrient-dense wholefoods and fresh, organic vegetable juices.




Lotus Yoga Ibiza is run by Claudia who created Lotus Yoga Retreat in South Goa, India together with her husband, Rama. 



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