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“Thank you for such a wonderful week. What a special time to share with other mothers and children. What a blessing to take a break from cooking and cleaning and just focus on myself and my child. I hope many women can enjoy this journey.” Amy-jo

"You know what mothers need. Thank you so much." Karin

“This has been a truly magical week. It exceeded all my expectations and transformed me in many ways: Physically from the yoga practice and healthy foods, spiritually from being part of the dynamic women’s full moon circle and maternally as I feel renewed in my purpose and role as a mother. Thank you for making this possible.” Lindsey

"I feel upgraded as a parent and as a mother. Many thanks for having the ability to bring very special and great people to your team. It's been fantastic." Ulrika

"What love and joy and inspiration from this week. There was so much opening up to the spirit that is Ibiza and the joy of not just being a mother but also a woman. And to be able to be a mum and do yoga is a real treat." Lucy

“Thank you so much for letting my daughter and I have this amazing experience on this beautiful island. I am grateful and it will be in my heart forever.” Nina

“This HolyMama retreat here in Ibiza is just amazing. It brings together great people, spirits, knowledge and wisdom. We had time to relax, do some awesome yoga and relaxation while the kids played and experienced the Spanish culture and countryside. Thanks Claudia for being such a wonderful, spiritual person.” Kerstin      

"There couldn't have been a better introduction to yoga than the classes I had here. It was also great to see my son having a good time with the other children and the carers." Alouisia

“Thank you for an unforgettable week. I came pregnant and with my 22 month old boy; a lot of tension in my body and a lot of confusion in my mind and heart. Today, I’m leaving with a relaxed body, a calm mind and a heart full of joy, trust and the certainty that I’m on my path.” Melanie




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